Coneflex® - habermann materials


Keeping an eye on wear: Coneflex®!


Depending on the application, the Coneflex® funnel insert can easily be rotated up to three
times. An early detection system warns the operator in time that the funnel must be turned.
This functions due to the Coneflex® two-colour system. The inner 8 mm thick layer is white.
The 2 mm thick outer layer is red.

In this way, you can see when the white layer is worn and your funnel insert must be turned.
You minimise the risk of readjusting the funnel too late and prevent downtime due to complex
repair work.

Coneflex® advantages:

  • Early detection through the two-colour system
  • Thickness of layers: inside 8 mm in white, outside 2 mm in red
  • Easy to exchange: No labourintensive assembly and adhesion necessary


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