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Function Sheet

The Hawiflex® function sheet – two sides of functionality

Hawiflex® with functional layer (separation layer / insulation layer) is a system consisting of two materials in which the front and rear side fulfil two different functions.

The wear-resistant front consists of our material Hawiflex®, which has been successfully used on the market for many years.

The back of the Hawiflex® function sheet is furnished with a special layer which is suitable for adhering to machine components and systems subject to high levels of wear. 

Simply glued – simply renewed

The separation layer provides a perfect bond between the component and the Hawiflex® system.

A further advantage is the predetermined breaking point defined in this layer, which makes the subsequent removal of the old covering easy.

Due to the predetermined breaking point a thin residual covering of the separation layer remains on the component (substrate), to which a new Hawiflex® function sheet can be immediately adhered without any complicated processing of the subsurface.


  • highly wear-resistant
  • single substrate treatment (cleaning, blasting, degreasing, drying)
  • simple assembly through gluing with contact adhesive
  • adapts readily to modular lining systems for large surfaces (diamond, rhombus, honeycomb)
  • simple detachment due to the separation layer
  • cost savings
  • reduced environmental pollution
  • sound insulation and attenuation due to the thicker separation layer
  • various laying technique possible