Gripper strips - habermann materials

Gripper strips

Gripper strips and gripper jaws made of Hawiflex® for transporting your products

Gripper strips made of rubber often leave behind black abrasion residues in the form of stripes on the product. On light bricks this is a common problem which can be simply solved through the use of gripper strips made of Hawiflex®

Our special material for automated repiling and baling systems, manufacturing equipment, forklift trucks and lorry transport. 

In the concrete block industry gripper strips made from a large number of different materials are used.

Here, Hawiflex® offers a number of advantages:
  • high resistance to cuts 
  • excellent resistance to oils and greases 
  • no abrasion marks on your product 
  • long service life
  • good grip
  • no embrittlement of the material
  • pallets and blocks do not have to be gripped absolutely horizontally
  • manpower savings due to infrequent rebuilding