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Hawipair® – professional self-repairs


What is Hawipair®? 

Hawipair® is a trowel-applied elastic material on a polyurethane base which has been especially developed for repairing worn coatings made of elastic materials.
Depending on the properties of the subsurface, outstanding adhesion values are achieved, which also makes Hawipair® the ideal adhesive for various materials. 

How does Hawipair® work? 

Processing the material is simple and can usually be carried out without difficulty at the point of use.
One significant advantage during processing is the mixing ratio of 1:1.
For this reason, no scales are necessary for weighing the components and metering errors can be virtually eliminated.


  • wear-resistant
  • good chemical resistance
  • highly elastic
  • resistant to microbes
  • protected against hydrolysis
  • resistant to seawater
  • very good abrasion resistance

Instandhaltung_Hawipair02Repair of a funnel rubber lining with Hawipair® (white) and function board




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