Hawiflex® - habermann materials


Four decades of successful material development

Hawiflex® is our designation for materials which belong to the group of the elastomers and are based on various polyurethane raw material systems. They are the result of 40 years of experience in the development of recipes and the required process engineering.

Our range of materials enables us to select the suitable material according to the specific requirement of the user.

In order to ensure that our formulations can be used at a high quality level in as many industries of our customers as possible, we concentrate on the production and processing of hot-poured polyurethane systems. With hot-poured polyurethane materials, significant advantages are obtained in terms of service life.

For quality reasons our raw materials are only processed by machine. As a result we can guarantee the continuous property profile of our products.

A large share of our product portfolio is based on the raw material system known as Adiprene.



Physical properties 

Hawiflex® material systems have been developed for applications under the harshest operating conditions. High levels of abrasion-resistance with excellent tear and tear propagation strengths are testimony to the quality of our ranges of materials. Materials are available which place very high demands on dynamic resilience. 


Temperature properties 

The properties of our standard Hawiflex® systems are – as with other plastics – not constant, but temperature-dependent. For dynamic loads the heat balance must not exceed 80°C in order to prevent material breakage and crack formation. Short-term peak loads of up to 120° C are permitted. For continuous loads above 80°C there are special formulations available from our company. Hawiflex® becomes less elastic as the temperature drops.

As a rule, applications down to -40° C are possible without difficulty, without the materials becoming brittle. 


Chemical properties 

We have at our disposal materials with very good chemical resistance to neutral oils and greases, petrol and various solvents. General influences of the weather, such as sunlight, oxygen and ozone, do not change specifically selected systems. We even offer standard products for hydrolytic and microbial attacks. 


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