Perforated metal sheets - habermann materials

Hawiflex® perforated metal sheets:

Easy assembly via screw connection

The perforated plate cast in the Hawiflex® sheet reduces expansion, compression and elastic recovery to a minimum. That makes this sheet ideal for chamfering, e.g. as side guide of conveyor belts or lining for buckets, channels and chutes. The design rigidity of the sheet allows more cost-effective frame-like structures instead of complex metal structures in some cases.


Hawiflex®-Lochblechplatten - Aluminium / Hawiflex®-perforated metal sheets - Aluminium


Hawiflex®-Lochblechplatten - Stahl / Hawiflex®-perforated metal sheets - Steel


2000 x 1000 mm (Standard)
1200 x 800 mm (Euro pallet)
Thickness: 12, 15, 20, 25 mm
and on request

Hawiflex® benefits:

  • Ideal for coating large areas
  • Good anti-friction properties
  • Enormous anti-adhesion properties
  • Noise retardant
  • Cleaning processes simplified
  • On Euro pallet: Transport optimised