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Standard sheets

Hawiflex® standard – the Ideal Solution

The Hawiflex® standard board is mainly used in the field of wear protection due to its abrasion-resistant properties and it is often the ideal solution in the cost-benefit comparison. 

The boards are used in the bulk material industry, plant construction, maintenance, sand and gravel excavation and the concrete industry, amongst others.

The boards can be supplied with the dimensions 3,000 x 1,000 mm and 2,000 x 1,000 mm with a thickness between 1 and 50 mm. For use in wear protection, selecting the Shore hardness is an important criterion. The Hawiflex® standard board can be optimised to the respective application by adjusting its hardness in the range from 55° Shore A to 90° Shore A.

The Hawiflex® standard wear protection boards can be produced in any size and shape in accordance with your instructions or drawings. 


Hx-Platte-5mm-001 Cut-to-size standard board attached with screws to a skeleton structure of a discharge chute














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