Truckflex wear-resistant concrete discharge and loading hoses

Concrete discharge and loading hoses Truckflex®

The patented two layer hose with cut-resistant outer layer and wear-resistant inner layer!

The seamlessly fabricated hose is highly flexible and rotatable. It is nevertheless impressive thanks to high dimensional stability. The two colour system safeguards the process via wear progression detection. The harder outer layer prevents cut injuries due to fastening clips or damaged inlet hoppers of truck mixers. The softer inner layer provides proven protection against abrasive loads.


The classic and repeatedly proven concrete hose – individually adjustable according to your dimensions.

Hawiflex® benefits:

  • Seamless
  • Reduced residual concrete adhesion
  • “Lowest inclination to material stopping”
  • Resistant against mould oils
  • No swelling – no embrittlement
  • Signal red for good visibility
  • Up to 40 % lower weight in comparison to conventional hoses
  • Immensely improved service lives thanks to longer replacement intervals
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