Beverages industry - habermann materials

In the beverages industry, Hawiflex® is used for protecting products and systems. Noise can also be reducedby up to 50 %. Hawiflex® easily withstands the considerable chemical loading during cleaning processes.

We have developed special materials systems for the required high speeds and extraordinary dynamic processes. Hawiflex® is thus precisely the right material for transporting foodstuff – and is even used in the medical industry. Hawiflex® discharges no contaminants but fulfils the strictest EU guidelines.


  • Precision seals produced to your specifications

Anvil strip for labelling machines

  • excellent dynamic behaviour
  • excellent pressure deformation resistance
  • long servie life due to excellent wear resistance

Bottle carousels

  • High abrasion resistant
  • high adhesion and grip
  • excellent resistance to cleaning agents
  • good damping ability
  • reduction in glass breakage
  • noise reduction