Polyurethane mixing tools against wear, noise and corrosion

Your replacement polyurethane mixing tools:

Lightweight and durable – Hawiflex® polyurethane

The use of double shaft mixers is very popular for the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete. Well functioning centre and side paddles are a key instrument in concrete production here. Owing to the short cycle times of the concrete batches, they are subject to considerable wear and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Lightweight replacement mixing tools developed from the plastic Hawiflex® polyurethane offer you significant benefits here: Centre and side paddles for double shaft mixers ensure weight saving while also providing a patented surface plus for durability. Numerous patented guide ribs attached to the paddle enable the mixing material to flow off along the surface of the paddles via channels, thereby diverting it from the main wearing zone. The principle derived from fluid mechanics reduces the load on the outer edge considerably, which in turn extends the service life of the mixing tools.

Hawiflex® polyurethane benefits:

  • Resistant to cutting
  • Wear resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Reducing wear on linings
  • Up to 50% noise reduction
  • Energy saving

Tool types for your application:

  • Arm guard
  • Beater body
  • Floor scraper
  • Inner paddle
  • Mixing paddle
  • Outer paddle
  • Paddle inner comb
  • Scraper
  • Scraper segment
  • Side paddle
  • Side plate
  • Stirrer protection
  • Tile for helix