Hawiflex polyurethane against abrasion for heavy wear

Segments made of Hawiflex® polyurethane
for heavy wear

Quick and easy installation

Segment für schweren Verschleiß

Sometimes it is advantageous to break the whole thing down into smaller manageable pieces. According to this principle we have developed our wear-resistant Hawiflex® tiles which can be arranged like a backsplash. In this way large areas can be lined ergonomically piece by piece. Large area weights of linings are dispersed to pieces with a unit weight of approx. 5kg.
This makes working in inaccessible and risky areas of the plant easier and safer for your employees.

In pitfalls or manholes the given format allows that the tiles can be laid straight from top to bottom. Alternatively you can also start anywhere in order to cut the finishing pieces to size with a suitable tool. This sometimes makes sense for geometries that are not right-angled. Ask us if you need more detailed information on cutting Hawiflex®. We will find a processing option that can be easily carried out by you on sight.

Segmente aus Hawiflex® Polyurethan in einem Schacht

To ensure a firm hold of the tiles a metal core is cast inside which enables screwing with countersunk screws and makes additional holes unnecessary. In the event of wear individual tiles in the wear-relevant areas can then be replaced without removing the entire lining. This is also an advantage where production processes cannot be interrupted for long.

A combination with other lining elements such as the impact protector or the step plate can also be carried out without any problems.
If requested the tile can also be manufactured in two colors and thus offer advantages in terms of preventive maintenance.

Segmente aus Hawiflex® Polyurethan zur Schachtauskleidung


  • Length / Width: 300 x 300 mm
  • Thickness: 25 mm