Hawiflex polyurethane function sheets for channels, outflow, transport

Patented Hawiflex® polyurethane function sheets:

Simple functioning

The function sheet is ideally suitable for transport buckets, impact walls, channels, outflows. A special layer ensures a perfect join between the component and Hawiflex® polyurethane system. This also forms the target fracture point, which allows you to later remove the old coating. You can immediately bond a new Hawiflex® polyurethane function sheet onto the thin residual coating – with no need for extensive preparation of the substrate.

Seams and joints are often the reason for premature failure of the coating. To counteract this, you can use the wear-resistant Hawipair® patching compound system as joint filler and for sealing protrusions of old coating and sheet edges.

Hawiflex® polyurethane benefits:

  • Substrate treatment only once (cleaning, blasting, degreasing, drying)
  • Easy assembly by bonding with contact adhesive
  • Easy replacement
  • Reduced environmental pollution as no need to remove the old coating
  • Noise insulation and damping due to thicker separating layer
funktionsplatten trennschicht

Top: Hawiflex®, bottom: Separating layer