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selbstschneidende Schraube / Self tapping bolts

Self tapping bolts

  • Round-head metal bolt
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 38
  • Material: steel galvanised
  • DIN 7981
Tellerschraube / Plate bolts

Plate bolts

  • Dimensions: M8 x 30
  • Material: 3.6
  • DIN 15237
Tellerschraube mit Hawiflex® Beschichtung / Tellerschraube mit Hawiflex® Beschichtung / Plate bolts with 5 mm Hawiflex® coating

Plate bolts with 5 mm Hawiflex® coating

  • Dimensions: M8 x 30
  • Material: 3.6
  • DIN 15237
Zubehör - Zapfensenker Set / Accessories counterboring set

Counterboring set

Consisting of:

  • Guiding pins D 8 mm
  • Counterbore D 30 mm
  • Pin holder
Zubehör - Hawiflex® Kleber / Accessories - Hawiflex® glue

Hawiflex® glue – specially for direct adhesion


Suitable for a wide range of materials: Polyurethane (Hawiflex®), metal, glass, wood, fibreglass, rubber, ceramic, concrete, tiles and polystyrene, both with and among one another.


  • For processing without primer (apart from chrome steel)
  • Only degreasing
  • Rapid bonding result
  • No extraction necessary
  • Very good shaping at weld seams
  • Contact adhesive, sticks immediately


Hawipair® is a spreadable, elastic material based on polyurethane for repairing worn coatings. It is characterised by good abrasion values and can be used as an adhesive owing to its affinity with many materials. It is really easy to work with Hawipair®. This usually allows you to make repairs quickly and without any problems in the area of use, thereby reducing downtimes drastically. What is more, Hawipair® is compatible with products of all manufacturers.

Hawipair® is also ideally suitable for connecting joint edges of Hawiflex® sheets.

There’s no easier way:
With a mixing ratio of 1 : 1 you do not need any scales. The container sizes correspond to the mixing ratio. This prevents dosing errors.


Property Value Test method
Shore hardness 85 Shore A DIN 53505
Abrasion value 30 mm3 DIN 53516
Tensile strength 17 N/mm2 DIN 53504
Elongation at fracture 450 % DIN 53504

The technical data indicated represent guide values. They are determined under optimal conditions in the materials laboratory. No liability is assumed for the suitability of the product with the relevant application purposes of the ordering party. We recommend checking the suitability for use in preliminary tests. Please contact us in cases of doubt.

Instandhaltung mit Hawipair® / Repair with Hawipair®

Hawiflex® benefits:

  • Wear resistant
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Highly elastic
  • Microbe resistant
  • Hydrolysis protected
  • Seawater resistant
  • Very good abrasion resistance