Hawiflex Polyurethane Wear Protection in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering with Hawiflex® polyurethane

Wear protection for various machine elements, wheels, rollers and seals

We are always fascinated to find out for which mechanical resilience engineering applications Hawiflex® polyurethane is used – from ultra large to minute applications. The emphasis is always on preventing wear and thus producing considerable potential savings. But sometimes it is also a question of offering resistance against aggressive chemical substances or high temperatures. No problem for Hawiflex® polyurethane, which meets all of these requirements.

Raeder und Walzenbezug

Wheel and roller coatings

  • For exceptional requirements in coal mining, steel and aluminium industry
  • Ability to absorb high loads with significantly longer service life compared to rubber-coated rollers


  • Up to 2.500 mm diameters
  • Up to 3.500 mm length
  • Up to 10.000 kg weight of individual pieces
Raeder und Walzenbezug1

Wheels and rollers

  • Special Hawiflex® polyurethane systems for applications requiring high loading capacity, speed and impact We are always fascinated to find out for which mechanical resilience.

Sealing element

  • Excellent pressure deformation resistance
  • Resistant against hydrolysis
Kupplungs Manschette

Coupling collar

  • Exact reproduction of complex shapes in couplings requiring high levels of precision
  • Also suitable for high torque transmission application example:
  • Very smooth running dialysis machine


  • Resistant against numerous media to be sealed

Machine elements

  • A variety of components and assemblies for mechanical engineering