PU semi-finished products - habermann materials

PU semi-finished products

For sheet metal processing industry Hawiflex® semi-finished items/products provide a cost-effective alternative, in particular for small production runs. Our ongoing development work allows us to provide suitable PU semi-finished products for increasing cycle rates in production. Even surface-finished steel plates can be processed with tools equipped with Hawiflex®.

Platten mit individuellen Sondermaßen / Sheets - individual designed


  • Optimum elasticity
  • Thermal load up to 120°C possible
  • Excellent resistance against lubricants used in metal working
  • Available in a wide range of colours
Matrizen / Dies


  • High elasticity
  • High continued tear resistance
  • Available in nearly all geometrical shapes
Rundstäbe / Hollow rods, rods

Hollow rods/ rods

  • High elasticity
  • High continued tear resistance
  • Seals, spacers, sliding rings, etc. can be produced by cutting
  • Boards in different thicknesses