Hawiflex LF-low friction polyurethane for bulk materials, hoppers

Hawiflex® LF-low friction polyurethane:

Ideal for bulk materials

Hawiflex® LF is a polyurethane that we use in cases where the wear resistance of PUR is required, but strong adhesions require better sliding properties.

Due to the significantly reduced coefficient of friction, Hawiflex®LF-low friction polyurethane is particularly suitable for bulk material with a pronounced tendency to stick.

This property plays a special role, especially in dry cleaning. The plates can be manufactured in our standard dimensions or according to your drawings, with or without perforated metal inlay.

Tip: Our LF plates can also be grouted and repaired with Hawipair® filler.

LF Plate with perforated metal

Concrete bucket with LF plate lining

Hawipair Verspachtelung

Transitions can be filled

Hawiflex® LF benefits:

  • Lower coefficient of friction – The property that allows materials to slide effortlessly across a surface.
  • Very good sliding abrasion resistance – The resistance to sliding stress.
  • Very good impact abrasion resistance – elastic material can dampen and absorb impacts without material breakouts.
  • Resistant to aging – no embrittlement due to extracting elements