Hawiflex Polyurethane – the original for over 50 years.

habermann materials – The Original is your trump!

Discover your ace for extreme conditions! Ideal against wear, noise and corrosion.

The name HABERMANN stands for 80 years experience with the hydraulic transport of solids and is a major pioneering company for the development of mixer tools for concrete mixers.

With the introduction of the original brand Hawiflex® more than 50 years ago, HABERMANN established the brown mixing blades at numerous concrete plants in Germany, Europe and beyond Europe‘s borders. All parts have the label Original Hawiflex®. Our brand has often been copied in accordance with the misleading motto of „all browns are the same“. Yet, we have been able to further extend our technological advantage and to strengthen our market-leading position. Hawiflex® polyurethane products have been success fully used in ready-mixed concrete plants, precast concrete plants, in the production of concrete blocks, concrete pipe production and in the roof tile industry.

Wear protection, noise protection, corrosion protection – Hawiflex polyurethane from habermann materials offers very high benefits at manageable costs. The mixing tools are available for almost all common makes of concrete mixing plants. The extensive range of spare parts is available for ring trough mixers, single and twin-shaft mixers and planetary countercurrent mixers.

A major focus of our supply range is on mixer tools for virtually all common makes of concrete mixing plants. The extensive spare parts range is available for ring-pan mixers, single and double shaft mixers and planetary countercurrent mixers. In order to ensure the short-term security of supply to the customers, the articles are stocked by main dealers in many European countries. The main dealers are supplied from our large main warehouse in Witten/ Ruhr, where habermann materials concentrates on the core business mixer spare parts and custom made wear resistant plastic parts.

ISO 9001: 2015 – the latest evidence for consistently lived quality management!

With our current certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 we confirm as habermann materials GmbH that we will always meet or exceed theexpectations of our customers in the manufacturing and sale of molded parts and coatings made of plastic for industrial operational purposes.

At this point we would like to point John Ruskin:
“Quality is not a coincidence, it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

habermann materials is a member of the NPCA

habermann materials has been a member of the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) since 2018. The National Precast Concrete Association is an organization that offers support, leadership, educational opportunities, industry connections and information. The NPCA is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers of industrially manufactured precast concrete products and companies providing equipment, supplies and services to industry.

NPCA 2022

Polyurethane polymers from the laboratory:

Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s products

Producing the perfect mix for a high-strength and yet wear-resistant component using different elements, processing systems and special additives is a science in itself – using Hawiflex® polyurethane, we have been done nothing else but practising this science for over 50 years.

Experience that counts for our clients.

Our excellent position in the market is largely due to our permanent research for new, even more suitable materials made of polyurethane and the further development of our existing product portfolio. Combined with our sound know-how of all current and future standard process requirements, this interaction always guarantees product innovation and individual solutions for your applications Naturally we also comply with statutory regulations.

We are looking at the minutest detail.

Using the latest measuring and analysis technologies we examine the interaction of all components and parameters under laboratory conditions and naturally in practical application down to minute details. This informative test data and all feedback from our clients are used for new or further developments of our products and form the basis for their extraordinary quality.

A service that you will appreciate.

At our technical centre we not only test all our products but are also able to carry out close simulations of customer applications. This ensures that our products are optimised to the precise requirements of our clients.

Polyurethane polymers from the laboratory: Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s products

The time available to us as developers from the idea to the solution requires valid statements in the individual development steps to ensure tomorrow’s success. This is ensured by our extensive testing laboratory. Today, materials must optimally meet fast-moving demands. It is particularly important to us not to relocate the experimental field to you, but to complete tests with us in a meaningful way. Our laboratory has the necessary static and dynamic test procedures at its disposal. We concentrate our considerations on the service life of the components.

Do not leave it to chance and continue to obtain the used optimum quality Made in Germany. Our contact persons are happy to provide you with advice.

made in germany

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