Hawiflex polyurethane moulded parts, casting, rotational molding

Molded parts made of Hawiflex® polyurethane

Your ideas optimised

As part of our casting process we coat any product – including yours. In close cooperation with our clients, we select the option from our complete range of recipes that best matches your requirements (operating conditions, physical and chemical prerequisites and the respective processing process) and provide individual tailor-made solutions.

Especially for small and medium-sized series, the latest design and production processes allow for a costeffective mold construction. After production of the mould we produce the first casting, demonstrating the functioning and correct dimensions.

We use the latest machinery in order to provide products with a constant high quality level. Trained members of staff monitor, control and record our processes at all decisive points. Our quality management system complies with the standards of EN ISO 9001:2015.


  • At present we can produce pieces with a weight from a few grams up to 450 kg.
  • On request, we will store your mould for later reproductions.

During casting

Raw materials are prepared and provided by modern dosing systems. The actual casting process takes place in moulds in a near-pressureless environment. This results in considerably lower tool costs compared to injection moulding, as no pressure-tight tool construction is required. Materials with hardness of between 35 Shore A and 80 Shore D are available for processing.

During rotational molding

The coating substrate is placed in a respective rotating device and the liquid plastic is inserted in the component whilst it is rotated. Centrifugal forces ensure that the material is distributed on the coating substrate. Several machines are available for coating rotationsymmetrical components. As no inner mould core is required as in the casting process, tooling costs can be even more favourable.