Hawiflex sheets, noise-insulating, tear and abrasion resistant

Working with Hawiflex® sheets

The lowest priced variant to install effective wear protection, e.g. as anti-wear lining in hoppers, buffer tanks (10 – 15 mm sheets), as impact protection (25 – 30 mm sheets) or as splash plates in mixers (3 mm sheets). The sheet is very flexible and can be cut to size and worked easily on site. The application options are diverse: Hawiflex® has a noise-insulating effect and provides protection as a lining for channels, troughs, hoppers, bins, silos, mixers, chutes, slides, buckets, loading devices, walls and base parts – in the glass, recycling and bulk materials industry, in plant construction, in maintenance, in sand and gravel quarrying and in the concrete industry.


Corner curve

Expanded metal sheets

Function Sheet

Hawiflex® LF-low friction

Perforated metal sheets

Sheets – individually designed

Standard sheets

Welded sheets

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