Sheets - habermann materials

Hawiflex® plates are available as

  • standard plates
  • welded plates
  • perforated metal plates
  • expanded metal plates
  • functional plates

All wear plates can be processed and fixed with conventional tools. Fixing is simple, e.g. by bolting. Additional fixing accessory is available (see page 23).

To ensure optimum wear protection the selection of the Shore hardness is an important criteria. During production, the hardness of Hawiflex® plates can be set to between 65 and 90 Shore A depending on the application. Hawiflex® wear plates can be produced in any size or shape and in many colours as per your information or drawings.

We are happy to provide you with special plates

  • other hardnesses
  • dimensions up to 5800 mm
  • several plates welded together
  • special cuts
  • fixing holes
  • providing one rough side for better adhesion


  • wear-resistant material
  • resistant against all atmospheric influences
  • noise-reducing
  • non-stick
  • easy to clean with water
  • no material ageing