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proof for glass – without metal residue

The transportation of raw materials for glass production requires extreme wear-resistance of machines. Whether used for sharp-edged glass pieces or fine silica sand: When coated with Hawiflex® glass pieces carts, hoppers and conveyors can withstand erosive material influences many times longer, thus reducing downtime and production costs – to your advantage. As HAWIFLEX® prevents metallic abrasion, there is hardly any residue in the end product glass. At the same time, the noise level is reduced by up to 50 %.

Mischschaufel / Mixing blade

Mixing blade

  • Special formulation resistant against high temperatures
  • Used in mixing process with raw materials for the glass production
Scherbenwagen / Shard card

Shard card

  • Excellent cutting resistance
  • Ideal for applications in the glass recycling industry
Trichterauskleidung / Hopper lining

Hopper lining

  • Single-part cone
  • Simple installation
  • No infiltration
  • Easy to fix
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Extremly long service life
Prallplatte / Impact plate

Impact plate

  • Standard plate
Übergabestelle Bruchglas / Transfer point for broken glass

Transfer point for broken glass

  • Spray coated
Hawiflex®LF-low friction / Hawiflex®LF-low friction

Vibrating chute

  • Reduced adhesion
  • Extended service life