Hawiflex polyurethane impact plate, Impact-proof, noise reducing

Impact plate made of Hawiflex® polyurethane

Self-protecting through catchment compartment

Impact plates made from Hawiflex® polyurethane can be used at handover and transfer points of conveyor belts. They utilise the catchment compartment principle for self­-protecting wear reduction.



Standard dimensions:
650 x 275 x 60 mm
Low dead weight:
Just approx. 7.2 kg

Hawiflex® polyurethane benefits:

  • Suitable for grain sizes up to 32 mm
  • No shattering of coarse gravel upon impact
  • Impact-proof and cut resistant
  • Noise reducing
  • Easy assembly thanks to studs at the rear
  • Can be retrofitted in existing plants
  • Lower maintenance expense due to long service life