Hawiflex PU sheets with expanded metal against abrasion

Hawiflex® polyurethane sheets with expanded metal:

Easy to adjust difficult geometries

If a metal insert is needed to improve the mounting possibilities of a polyurethane sheet, our sheets with expanded metal insert are a cost-effective variant to the alternatives with perforated metal inlay made of steel or aluminum and offer excellent wear protection.

The expanded metal insert reduces the risk of pulling through the screw head, especially for thinner plates.  However, the sheet remains deformable by hand and can be easily processed with suitable tools. The expanded metal gives the screw points a good grip. Polyurethane sheets with expanded metal inserts are universally applicable and adapt particularly well in both larger and smaller radii. If larger surfaces have unevenness due to welds or construction-related raised transitions, the sheet can be flexibly placed over it. Suitable application examples can be found e.g. in linings for silos, pipelines or hoppers.
Depending on the wear load, you can obtain the sheets from us starting from a thickness of 8 mm up to 12 mm. This is easy on the wallet and makes it easier to decide on your expense.


Hawiflex® polyurethane benefits:

  • Good anti-friction properties
  • Enormous anti-adhesion properties
  • Noise retardant
  • Cleaning processes simplified


2060 x 1025 mm
in e.g. 8, 10, 12 mm
and on request