Hawiflex® polyurethane advantages for moulded parts or coatings

Hawiflex® polyurethane:

excellent properties for a wide range of requirements

Physical properties

The physical properties of Hawiflex® polyurethane systems have been created for use under the most extreme conditions: High abrasion resistance with excellent tensile strength combined with maximum dynamic loading requirements. Our polyurethane-based Hawiflex® plastic extends service life many times over.

Temperature range

The properties of Hawiflex® polyurethane are naturally temperature-dependent. For dynamic loading, the temperature limit for our standard systems is approx. +80°C to ensure no material breaks and cracking. Brief peak loadings up to +120°C are possible and permitted. But our company also offers special formulations for permanent loads above +80°C. As the temperature decreases Hawiflex® polyurethane becomes less elastic, but applications up to -40°C are easily possible without the materials becoming brittle.

Chemical properties

Hawiflex® polyurethane offers an excellent resistance against oil and grease, petrol and different solvents. Hawiflex® polyurethane is not changed by weather effects such as sunlight, oxygen and ozone. We even offer standard products resistant to considerable hydrolytic and microbial attacks.

Acoustic properties

The sound-absorbing properties of Hawiflex® polyurethane are particularly apparent where bulk material is transported. Your staff will be delighted that noise levels are reduced by up to 50 %.

Hawiflex® polyurethane advantages for moulded parts or coatings:

  • Resistant against cuts
  • Resistant against wear and tear
  • Resistant against oil
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle on coatings
  • Gentle on bulk material
  • Reducing noise levels by up to 50 %
  • Energy saving
  • Extending service life

Hawiflex® offers a considerable range of levels of hardness:

Shore A3595
Shore D5880